born 1971

The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw,

the Faculty of Painting:

2016 - adjunct

2014 - PhD degree

2006 – present (employed)

1994 – 1999 (studied)


2018 - 2021
a series of works titled "Bodyscapes", where paintings are putting myself and the viewers into certain relation to the women's body

2016 - 2018
a series of works titled „The Path of The Canoe” based on the quest for serenity and inspired by the author’s current emotions, experiences and aspirations 

2015 - 2016
a series of works related to the need of living a deeper life in search of the Essence of Things, inspired by poetry 

2012 - 2015
a series of works concerning dreams and perceptions confronted with reality, inspired by biographies of such people as Arbus, Reinefarth, Kinski, Arendt, Heidegger 

  2007 - 2012
a series of works about seeking one’s way of life achieved through art, inspired by life, history and work of Diane Arbus

 2002 - 2007
a series of works on the subject of making decisions, inspired by Siddhartha-Buddha and his life 


I currently work on a series called "Facescapes" paintings about what is unspoken- hidden in glances.


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